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Adoption Tax Credit

Did you know that you can get a tax credit for adopting a child?

  • For families who are currently in the adoption process, this may help to make adoption more affordable.
  • For families who may otherwise struggle to afford the cost of adopting a child, this may help them turn the dream of adoption into a reality.

I am Genie Miller Gillespie, a Chicago-based attorney who focuses exclusively on helping families who are looking to adopt a child. If you have questions about adopting a child, I invite you to contact my law office at 312-332-6339.

How Does the Adoption Tax Credit Work?

  • The adoption tax credit is available in all types of adoptions except stepparent adoptions.
  • The tax credit for 2014 is $13,190, but the amount may change annually and could be different based on the income of the individuals/families.
  • Individuals looking to take advantage of the tax credit must file an additional form with the IRS. Significant supporting documentation is needed since these credits are often audited.

It is important for prospective adoptive parents to be aware of their full scope of legal and financial options when it comes to adoption. While I do not offer representation in tax law matters, and am not a tax expert, I do provide clients with basic information regarding the adoption tax credit.

Adoptive parents can benefit financially from the adoption tax credit. In fact, the adoption tax credit may offer individuals who otherwise may not be able to afford adoption with the financial resources to realize their dreams. My goal is to provide prospective parents with all the help they need — legal, financial and otherwise — to create their family.

Contact My Law Office in the Chicago Loop

I invite you to contact my law firm to learn more about adoption and the adoption tax credit. I offer reasonable fees, payment plans and a sliding fee scale. My office is located in downtown Chicago near all public transportation.

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