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Facilitating Foster Parent Adoptions in Cook County, Illinois

chicago foster adoption attorney genie miller gillespie

Adoption lawyer Genie Gillespie provides trainings on adoption for agencies and foster parent groups.

  • What is the adoption process?
  • How long will it take?
  • What are the steps involved in foster parent adoption?
  • What can you expect with foster parent adoption?
  • How does adoption differ from foster parenting?
  • Are any subsidies available for your child?

If your group or organization is interested in a speaker on these issues, call (312) 702-0761 or e-mail to schedule a speaking engagement.

Chicago Foster Parent Adoption Attorney

I'm adoption attorney Genie Gillespie . For the past 20 years I've been helping foster parents create stable, forever homes through the adoption of foster children. I am involved in the termination of parental rights in adoption court (if that hasn't already occurred in juvenile court) and I represent foster parents in juvenile court if there is a plan for termination and a goal of adoption.

Contact my Chicago adoption law office for a free initial consultation if you are considering the adoption of a foster child. I provide comprehensive legal services to assist you before, during, and after your adoption.

Adoption Services for Foster Parents

A successful foster parent adoption begins with ensuring that parents have the support and services they need to care for their child long term. Foster children are often older, may have emotional needs because of instability in their early years, and may have special medical needs.

You certainly want your adoption placement to be a success, and I do, too. I will review the adoption assistance agreement (also called a subsidy agreement) with you to ensure that your child will get all the services he or she is entitled to as part of the foster parent adoption process.

I will walk you through the actual adoption process and help with legal and social work aspects of the adoption. I am well connected in the adoption community and can help you access the resources your family needs for success.

Post-Adoption Services

Once the legal adoption is complete, my service—and commitment to you—does not end. I can help with post-adoption issues, such as the need for counseling or obtaining additional services within the school system. I also assist parents with future planning (part of my work with the Center for Law and Social Work) to ensure children are cared for should an adoptive parent become ill or die.

Allow me to explain how standby adoption and standby guardianship can give you peace of mind that your child's needs will be met. Contact my Cook County law office for a free initial consultation. My office is centrally located in downtown Chicago, in the loop, near all public transportation.